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Book Reviews: The Star of India + Coyote's Kiss + The End of Everything

The Star of India by Carole Bugge
Now while Sherlock Holmes knockoffs like 'Carnacki The Ghost Finder' may be utter crud, regular Holmes pastiches can be just as bad. This is a bitterly disappointing bore of a story.

Moriarty has risen from the grave and engages Holmes and Watson in a chess game across London. There's a star sapphire, a woman and murders. But it is all so boring with an obvious villain and ridiculous plot contrivances.

Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss by Christa Faust
Set after 'Caged Heat' but no mention is made of Crowley and Samuel. Sam and Dean investigate mysterious deaths and ally with Mary-Sue character Xochi to face down Aztec death magic.

This is a vast improvement after the mess that were previous books like: 'Heart of the Dragon', 'The Unholy Cause', 'War of the Sons' and 'One Year Gone'. It's not as good as Mercedes Lackey's 'Burning Water' but it is good, Mary-Sue issues aside. Plus the fact Dean is written as a horn dog and it's somehow all about Sam again.

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott
Lizzie and Evie are best friends, they tell each other everything. And then one day Evie goes missing and Lizzie is left to wonder what became of her friend.

Lizzie slowly and painfully learns things aren't what they seem and what she has always thought and believed isn't true. This is a dark and disturbing tale of desire, hidden desperation and complicity.
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