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Nikita 1x20 + Supernatural 6x10 Reviewed

Glass Houses
Birkhoff is tired of all the Division crap. Nikita targets another black box. Nathan bores. A Guardian has gone soft and taken up with a man with a snotty son. Jaden dies. Division fire assault rifles in the middle of a street and no-one seems to notice.

'Strike Back: Project Dawn' looks rubbish but not as rubbish as this ep. Where did Nathan get the gun? Roan looms. Amanda figures it all out.

Best Line:
"You don't have to fear the outside world Jaden, they have to fear us."

Caged Heat
Sam and Dean work for Crowley cos they're dumb. Sam's wooden and Meg shows up to annoy us with her bad acting. So we get Campbells, Samuel and Meg all in one terrible ep. Samuel belives Crowley can resurrect Mary cos he's thick.

There was bad acting. Will Meg die already? Samuel is scum, why did TPTB bring him back? Invisible hellhounds are dumb. Meg looks anorexic. One idiot Campbell goes down. There is yelling, ass pulls, bad acting and Samuel and Sam just wander off to annoy us in later eps.
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