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The Witches of Oz (2011) part 1 + Teen Wolf 1x06 Reviewed

Why oh why no 'Tin Man' sequel? I didn't think there could be a worse miniseries than 'Alice' but this was even worse. This has bad CGI, bad make up and bad acting. Dorothy Gale is an idiot, Henry Gale (Lance Henriksen) is wasted, the Wizard (Christopher Lloyd) gurns and Billy Boyd, Mia Sara and Sean Astin take up too much screen time. There's much ranting about a key, ripoffs of 'Return to Oz' and genral dumb incoherent rubbish. Aunt Em seems to have vanished, Jeffrey Combs is wasted and Princess Ozma is mentioned but never seen. This was AWFUL BEYOND WORDS.

Best Line:
"And your little dog too."

Heart Monitor

Derek lurks. Scott is stupid and yells and is selfish and a liar. Kate lurks. The Argents have been hunting werewolves for a long time. Derek is a werewolf by birth. Stiles is a twit. This was boring. Jackson looks like a crackhead. Just why do Scott and Stiles hate Derek? Scott is self obsessed and lazy and stupid. Derek lives in a ruined house and drives a fancy car. Stiles is moronic and Scott is thick and this was terrible. The Alpha attacks and not soon enough.
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