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Trailers and Stuff

'Body of Proof' trailer
It's the woman from 'China Beach' and other stuff! Why is a neurosurgeon/medical examiner wearing such short skirts? Maybe if she hadn't been screaming on the phone she'd still be a neurosurgeon. Jeri Ryan shows up, sigh. This looks smug and full of exposition.

'Missing' promo
Ashley Judd's new show reminds me of 'Traveler' for some reason and not in a good way.

'Revenge' promo
Emily VanCamp in a dark 'OC'. This looks good, I'll be watching: "This is not a story about forgiveness."

'Twixt' trailer
Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and this looks good.

Best Lines:
"How does it feel to be the bargain basement Stephen King?"
"Not too wonderful."

'Candor' book trailer
Mmmm, I prefer the UK cover to the US one. This book seems good.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Quote:
"You could go out to the parking lot and practice running like a man."
'First Born' Quotes:
"Any warmth came from a three-bar heater (only one bar working) or, if we fancied a treat, we left the gas hob on. Luxury."

"I mean you no harm and do not fear your easy familiarity. Please go about your business, noble rustic."

So no 'Lone Ranger' movie then. Can't say I'm sorry to miss another over budgeted Johnny Depp ham fest. '21 Jump Street' was his high point.

Read up on Brad Pitt's take on 'World War Z', I love the book and hope he hasn't messed it up.

Am reading 'Hounded'.

Why is Ste orange on 'Hollyoaks'?
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