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Book Reviews: Cast No Shadow + A Mortal Glamour

Star Trek: Cast No Shadow by James Swallow

A follow up to ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’. It has been seven years since the Kling on moon Praxis exploded leading to the assignation of Chancellor Gorkon and the formation of the Khitomer Accords.

Now as the Klingons rebuild from the Praxis disaster, a deadly attack takes place. It threatens to derail reconstruction and the fragile peace. One lowly Starfleet Intelligence officer believes there is a link to the shameful conspiracy to kill Gorkon and one of the sole surviving conspirators, Valeris.

This is very good. It answers many questions about how the conspiracy developed, how and when Valeris was recruited and her fate afterwards. As the mystery unravels, the reader gets a good character study of Valeris.

A Mortal Glamour by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

France 1305, Aungelique has been forced into a convent by her father for refusing to marry. She has no vocation and so runs away to seek sanctuary at the house of a notorious courtesan.

But her sanctuary does not last long and she is forced back into the convent. The impetuous, selfish, wilful Aungelique has allowed corruption into her heart. Soon after her forced return the convent descends into madness and damnation amidst the plague, the 100 years war and the turmoil of two competing Popes. This is very good and bleak.
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