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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2x17 + The Vampire Diaries 2x09 Reviewed

Playing God

A Trill Initiate named Arjin (who cannot act to save his life) arrives on DS9 to meet Dax. Arjin is one of many competing to be joined to a symbiont. Of course Dax would in a few years end up with Ezri who never even applied to be an Initiate.

It was in season 2 that Dax finally developed a personality, albeit an annoying one. She reveals she’s into extreme sports, collects forgotten composers and has dreams that used to belong to someone else.

It is interesting and sort of creepy that she refers to her pre-joined self in the third person. Arjin and Dax’s field training gets side tracked by events on the station that involve Cardassian voles and subspace seaweed.

Jadzia Dax seems to be the sole Science officer on the station, we never see any others. Jadzia likes to hang out at the Klingon café, which wasn’t seen again after season 2. Arjin is so wooden and his line delivery so weird I’m amazed his performance made it onscreen.

Jadzia brings a protouniverse back to the station and there is life in it and Arjin has to save the day as there are apparently no other pilots on DS9. Jadzia recalls Curzon, who comes across as a bully as Jadzia reveals he kicked her out of the Initiate programme and she had to reapply. Of course a later ep would reveal that Curzon kicked her out because he was in love with her which is so icky and wrong on so many levels.

It seems that successful Initiate’s can apply for the symbiont of their choice. But the fate of Arjin and the protouniverse would never be mentioned again. The fate of the Trill Initiate’s and the unfortunate symbionts were the subject of a ‘DS9' relaunch novel. This was enjoyable.

Best Line:
“Field training with Dax was the nightmare of the Initiate Corps.”


Katherine reveals her back story to the slack jawed Elena. It seems she had a child out of wedlock and was banished abroad. There she was hunted by Klaus as the Petrova doppelganger and managed to turn herself into a vampire.

Elsewhere Damon annoys, Caroline lies, Rose annoys and the new big bads are ridiculous. A new family show up intriguing Bonnie who ignores Jeremy. Elena blubbers. Rose cries. This was ludicrous. Who impregnated Katerina? WTF is the Petrova doppelganger?
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