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Retro Review: House of Frankenstein (1997) Part 1

I can recall (sort of ) this being on tv one Halloween. I enjoyed it a lot more back then. Adrian Pasdar (you may remember him from 'Solarbabies', 'Vital Signs', 'Profit', 'The Perfect Getaway', 'Judging Amy' and 'Heroes') is Vernon Coyle, a cop on the trail of a serial killer nicknamed The Midnight Reaper. Meanwhile Mr Grimes runs a nightclub called House of Frankenstein and he has a team in the arctic looking for Frankenstein's monster. Grimes is obviously the BAD GUY and is the most ridiculous villain since Nuclear Man in 'Superman IV'.

Coyle looks for the Reaper and meets Grace who has been chewed on by a werewolf. Grimes is The Midnight Raptor to no-ones surprise and Frankenstein's monster is soon lumbering around LA. This is so boring and full of bad acting. The vampire makeup is rubbish, people stare into the camera to emote and it is all so horribly awful.

Best Lines:
"How many pieces this time?"
"Three so far. Hell he's scattered all over the place. Some of him isn't even here at all."

"Just give me something that resembles progress."
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