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Retro Review: Traveler (2007) Part 1

Will (Aaron Stanford of 'Nikita'), Jay (Matt Bomer of 'White Collar' and 'Chuck') and Tyler have been best friends during their time at Yale graduate school. Now they've graduated and are heading off on a cross country road trip. But on their last day in New York Will suggests they pull a prank in the Drexler art museum. Jay and Tyler pull the prank and rush out of the museum. Then Jay gets a cryptic phone call from Will and the Drexler blows up.

Jay and Tyler are stunned but then find out they're being blamed for the bombing. They go on the run. FBI Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) is after them and there is no evidence that Will Traveler ever existed. Tyler decides to flee the city but Jay cannot cope with Will's betrayal. Jay recalls the day he meet Tyler and Will for the first time and it is now obvious that Will was playing them from day one.

This was okay and so many questions were raised. What is going on? what was Will's motive? Who was he? Why scapegoat Jay and Tyler?

Best Lines:
"We run, we look guilty."
"It's little too late for that."

The Retreat
Tyler and Jay run to Tyler's rich father's country house. They think they are safe there. They're wrong. Jay's girlfriend Kim is interrogated. Jay and Tyler learn that a lot of circumstantial evidence is piling up against them and no-one is listening to their side of the story. This was okay as more clues about Will and how he was setting them up for this ever since they met emerge.

New Haven
Jay and Tyler decide to run back to Yale to find proof that Will existed. They find stuff in storage but it is theirs and Will has planted very incriminating items in their belongings. Then the FBI come looking for them. Also Kim is arrested and more of Will's deviousness is revealed. This was okay. Jay and Tyler don't actually like each other that much and the more they try to prove their innocence the worse they look. The final scene 'twist' reveals that Will didn't die in the Drexler bombing and he is as devious and mysterious as ever. The Will Traveler mystery is actually more interesting than Jay and Tyler.
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