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Retro Review: Moonlight (2007-2008) Eps 1-14

No Such Thing As Vampires
Mick is a friendly neighbourhood vampire who works as a PI and he's in love/stalking Beth (Sophia Myles) a reporter for a sleazy webcast show. A vampire serial killer may or may not be on the loose. Mick's vampire BBF Josef (Jason Dohring of 'Veronica Mars' and not much else) sneers and there is unsubtle use of Evanescence. This was good but the plot arc about Mick's wife Coraline bored.

Best Lines:
"How do I know you're not the killer?"
"Well, because I'm not killing you."

"Vampire experts. Beautiful. Now we've got the food mouthing off about the farmers."

Out of the Past
A con Mick put in prison gets out after 25 years and he knows what Mick is. Cue roaring rampage of revenge. Beth finds out what Mick is. This was not good. Plus we met Beth's boytoy Josh and had a Duran Duran themed Mick&Josef flashback.

Dr. Feelgood
A doctor is turned into a crazed vampire. Mick makes it all about him and his annoying Coraline obsession. This was okay.

Mick gets sunstroke and he's thirsty. Beth obliges. Mick has angst. This was boring.

Arrested Development
A teenage boy is actually a mass murdering 200 year old vampire. This rips off an old 'Highlander' plot and is badly acted to boot.

Lola (Holly Valance) is a vampire drug dealer who kills her own kind to turn them into drugs so humans can sample what it is like to be a vampire. Beth tries the drug and trips madly. Lola is a great villain so Mick kills her in ick fashion. This was very good.

The Ringer
Mick becomes obsessed with a photographer named Morgan who is a doppelganger of his dead vampire wife Coraline. Morgan is threatened by a vampire criminal and Mick becomes convinced the whole situation is a set-up and that Morgan is Coraline. But Morgan is human, or is she? This was nothing great.

12:04 AM
A cult leader is executed only to rise from the grave. It seems someone turned him into a vampire but who? This was good.
Fleur de Lis
Beth stalks Morgan convinced she is Coraline. She's right but Mick is under Coraline's spell again. This was okay.

Sleeping Beauty
An elderly man hires a mercenary to kill Josef and he knows what Josef is. The man is right to be angry at Josef. Meanwhile Coraline does what she does best, lies. Beth should get far far away from her two stalkers. This was dull.

Love Lasts Forever
Beth's boyfriend Josh is threatened by a drug lord he is prosecuting. The drug lord then has Josh shot. Josh dies. Beth blames Mick so he goes on a roaring rampage of revenge. This was okay.

The Mortal Cure
Coraline's back and Mick learns the truth about her past and the cure she took to pass as human. Coraline reveals there was more to French Revolution then is told in history books and Mick takes the cure. This was okay.

Fated To Pretend
Mick's human for now and he and Beth get busy as Josh isn't even cold in his grave. Then Beth and the new DA Talbot are kidnapped by vampires. Mick wails and begs Josef to turn him. Josef does in homoerotic fashion. This was good. It seems Coraline and all the plot to do with her has been ditched and that is good. 

Mick is hired to protect a starlet but someone kills her and a photographer uncovers Mick's secret. Beth asks Josef for a favour and DA Talbot sniffs after Mick. This was good.
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