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Prison Break 4x09 Review

Greatness Achieved

Linc mentions LJ at last and doesn't seem to care that he's on his own in
Panama. Sofia doesn't even rate a mention. Gretchen is described by the
General as "an emotional disconnect with traces of sociopathic tendencies"
before he makes out with her. The General is the father of Gretchen's
daughter. Eeeeeewww. Sucre and Michael bond during some call-backs to season
1. Mahone goes into full on season 2 psycho mode and kills Wyatt,
eventually. Don Self and Sara take a walk. Bellick dies after many anvils of
foreshadowing. T-Bag is interviewed by a cop who somehow fails to recognise
him. Roland is not missed by his former colleagues. This was an okay place
holder of an ep.
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