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Heroes 3x06 Review

Dying of the Light

Matt and his turtle are back in the USA and he meets Daphne. The turtle
apparently needs no quarantine or food or water. Arthur kills Adam and then
in a truly disgusting moment, yanks out his own incubation tube. People run
in and out of Level 5 like it is a frozen yogurt shop, where are the guards?
Hiro gets smacked with a shovel, twice. He still shows no sign of being the
badass we saw in 'Five Years Gone'. Claire and her two mommies have another
boring plot. Nathan and Tracy are captured by Suresh. Meanwhile after an
unnecessary Peter and Sylar fight (the show runs over budget for a reason),
Peter meets his daddy and Arthur promptly steals all of Peter's powers. Hee,
guess Peter inherited his powers from his daddy. Only his daddy isn't a wet
rag whiner with a wonky mouth who never does anything.

This was an okay ep. But the show's notorious problems are over-whelming the
storyline. They need to do more than fire two writers to fix this show's

Why is it always giant conspiracies? Why don't the 'heroes' ever help or
save anybody? What happened to Monica? She tried to help people. Where is Lyle during all this? Why does Ando put up with Hiro? What is with Daphne's horrible wig?
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