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True Blood 3x04 + United States of Tara 3x04 + Rubicon 1x12 Reviewed

9 Crimes
Sookie preens over Alcide. Bill dumps Sookie. Sam cops on that his family are trash. Franklin does real bad things to Tara. Bill swears and is boring. Jessica annoys. Arlene gets even more grating. Lorena is desperate. Sookie is entitled and Debbie Pelt skanks out.

Eric's bar is raided. Pam is menaced. Talbot annoys. Debbie goes through a creepy initiation ceremony. Sookie wears a disguise. Eric and Bill each throw the other under a bus. Don Swayze plays one of the werewolves who seem to have unlimited access to steroids. A stripper is eaten. This is okay.

Best Lines:
"The man you loved never existed except in your head."

"He's being itching for another Inquisition for centuries."

"She's close to losing her fortune now that we're being taxed by the IRS."

Charmian has had enough of Tara and who can blame her. Charmain has gone into premature labour thanks to Tara and has a girl. Meanwhile Tara acts up again and there is no explanation as to how the damage Tara caused will be paid for.

Charmain after an emergency c-section doesn't want Tara near her baby. Lionel annoys. Kate screws up again. Marshall just goes along with Lionel. Dr Hatteras won't take Tara's crap. Tara wails about Charmain not letting her near the baby. Charmain points out correctly that nothing ever changes.

Kate decides on yet another new job. Max is giving up on Tara and she finally admits that she is seriously disturbed. This was good.

Best Line:
"An angry cop outside wants a word."

Wayward Son
Kateb shows up and Will tries to foil his depredations. The conspirators mutters, they look like they can't remember how doors work. Miles yells at people, Will looks like an under nourished chicken. Katherine the special snowflake bores. Maggie is dumb.

Will talks to Kateb's people and makes connections. Kateb listens to Kansas and something big happens. This was okay.

Best Line:
"All this to sink a boat?"
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