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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 3 Reviewed

Dead of Night
It's all talk about Big Pharma and over-population, sort of like Speaker's Corner. Rex yells. It seems 'They' have been planning this for years. A new cult called The Soulless spring up. Esther annoys and is stupid. Rex shows off his gaping chest wound. Phi-Corp is investigated, probably for having such a stupid name.

Jilly smirks. Rex yells some more and stomps off. Jack gets some. Rex gets some with Vera. Gwen still has the Torchwood contact lenses. How?!? Did she have them in her pocket while being dragged onto the plane? Vera helps spy on Phi-Corp. Jilly keeps lurking.

There is talk of new laws and a new society. Jack somehow locates Oswald Danes to have a chat with him. Jack looks like an over varnished table. Danes is creepy and is being worshiped like he's Polanski or something. This was dull.

Best Lines:
"You weren't impaled."
"You should have seen the other guy."
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