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Teen Wolf 1x04 Reviewed

Magic Bullet
Allison's aunt Kate (Jill Wagner of 'Blade: The Series') shows up to be annoying and OTT. Allison is somehow unaware of her family's hunting. Kate shoots Derek. Jackson annoys. Stiles is thick and Scott is dense and selfish.

Allison's dad is a jerk and so is Scott. Allison's psycho family invite Scott for dinner and harass him. Derek shows off his tattoo. This ep is full of annoying idiots. Scott is lazy, stupid and dumb beyond belief.

Derek does some bizarre stuff that cures his gunshot wound for no apparent reason. It is hinted Kate burnt down Derek's house and killed his family. It is also hinted that Kate has no time for the Argent's code as she lights the gas fire in an OTT overly flamboyant manner.

This was mediocre mostly due to Kate being OTT and Scott being offensively stupid.

Best Lines:
"Please put the assault rifle away."

"We're not some sort of separatist gun-nut family."

"Are you okay?"
"Apart from the agonizing pain."

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