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Nikita 1x18 + Supernatural 6x08 Reviewed

Into The Dark
Michael (and his fugly tattoo) and Nikita get it on until Owen shows up. Nikita and Owen head to London to get a Black Box from its Guardian (Ray Park). It seems that Owen and Darth Maul are on a Metabolic Dominance Programme so they can move faster, hit harder and sleep less. It also makes them psychotically obsessive.

So Owen and Darth Maul brawl and Darth Maul has a shipping container that looks like something out of 'Saw'. Elsewhere Jaden annoys. Alex shows off her shampoo commercial hair and Amanda sneers. This was good even if the cars didn't have UK plates.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Crowley makes the brothers his pets. I bet Sam and Dean wish they'd got rid of the punk ass Crossroads Demon when they had the chance. I can't believe they learnt nothing from Ruby and that Bobby and Crowley made out. Sam and Dean look for the monster behind some horrible murders and find the most unlikely killer. Sam annoys and the show retcon Skinwalkers. They don't seem to have glowing eyes anymore or rip their skin off and can infect people. WTF?

Apparently there are sleeper cell Skinwalkers, okay then. This is like a demented take on 'The Littlest Hobo'. Dean calls Sam "Dexter" and Sam reveals he doesn't care about anything least of all Dean. Well no change there then. This is okay.

Best Line:
"I'm getting cirrhosis just watching this."
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