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The Vampire Diaries 2x07 Reviewed


Katherine’s avarice and greed are on full display as she makes threats. Jeremy annoys. Lucy another witch shows up. Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie and Alaric plot to kill Katherine. They leave Elena out of it for obvious reasons, Elena is dumb. I’m amazed she doesn’t spend her days wondering how hot dogs survive in the wild with no eyes.

There is a masquerade ball for the homeless, what economic problems? Katherine sics Matt on Tyler. Elena annoys as she ruins plans. Katherine annoys as she is such a ridiculous large ham villain.

People die at the ball. Caroline’s stupid. Tyler cannot emote; he is on par with Andrew Shue. Katherine reveals she stalked Stefan at a Bon Jovi concert back in the day. Stefan fails to emote. Katherine and Stefan, the ugliest pairing since Sarah Brightman and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Lucy was an interesting character. Naturally Katherine is not killed because the cast are idiots but Damon punishes her for her crimes. No-one punishes him for his. This was OTT ham. An interesting plot was derailed by the large ham Katherine, seriously dial it down.
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