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Retro Review: Star Trek Deep Space Nine 2x14

O'Brien is on the run dictating a log entry about the weird goings on he's faced. Basically he came back to DS9 and his friends acted like enemies and "things were wrong". His wife and child avoid him, Bashir is sinister, Sisko stares and Jake wears a hideous jump suit.

The question of why O'Brien was going over security arrangements with aliens is never explained. Kira leans over a railing in a creepy manner. O'Brien is kept away from the planning of a peace conference. O'Brien thinks Keiko tried to poison him and becomes increasingly paranoid about his comrades strange beahaviour. After season 1's 'Dramatis Personae' and what happened to him in the TNG ep 'Power Play', you can understand why.

O'Brien eventually goes on the run and the ep gets ridiculous. O'Brien starts ranting at an Admiral as he fears whatever alien influence has overtaken his comrades has spread throughout Starfleet (well seeing as it happened once before in the TNG ep 'Conspiracy', he was right to worry). Then we get the idiot ending. This was disapointing as it was full of bad, bad bad acting and O'Brien seemed bored.

Best Lines:
"I wish I could tell you who they are."

"All I could think of as I looked at her was that this was not my Keiko."
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