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Book Review: Reunion

Star Trek The Next Generation: Reunion by Michael Jan Friedman
From 1992 comes this mess which has sexism, a let's laugh at the funny foreign food scene, exposition dumps, technobabble, Irish sterotypes, characters who are smug patronising arrogant gits and the offensive revelation of who is the loony killer.

Picard's old crew from the USS Stargazer are on the Enterprise as one of them, Morgen, is be crowned King of the Daa'Vit empire. Morgen wants his old shipmates to be his honour guard but one of the former shipmates is out to kill the Stargazer veterans. But who? And why?

This is full of contrivances, tech with no safety settings, no JAG officers, cliches, everyone acts like idiots and the revealtion of the killer is idiotic. Picard thinks of Jack Crusher a lot but then went on to marry Jack's widow and she bore his spawn. Ick.

Friedman would later rip the entire plot of this book off for a DS9 novel which was even worse than this. This was just full of clumsy writing, the main cast do everything and Riker acting like a boar. This joins the long list of bad TNG novels: 'Vendetta', 'Dark Mirror', 'Imzadi II', 'Ghost Ship', 'Exiles', 'Q-in-Law', 'Perchance to Dream', 'Imbalance', 'War Drums', 'Grounded', 'The Romulan Prize', 'Guises of the Mind', 'Sins of Commission', 'Debtor's Planet', 'Requiem', 'The Romulan Stratagem', 'The Last Stand', 'Dragon's Honor', 'Rogue Saucer', 'Possession', 'The Soldiers of Fear', 'The Q Continuum' trilogy and 'Q-Squared'.
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