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Book Review: The Scream Team

Nightmare Hall: The Scream Team by Diane Hoh

In the early 1990's, the point horror book series was huge. Lots of 'scary'
books about murderous American kids with good hair who kept killing each
other in titles like: 'The Cemetery', 'The Cheerleader', 'The Perfume', 'The
and 'The Snowman'. They were far better than today's conspicuous
consumption 'Gossip Girl' oeuvre and its various knock offs.

Anyway I found this book (from 1995) at a second hand store and bought it
for the nostalgia factor. It takes place at Salem U, where Delle is trying
out for the cheerleading team. There are a lot of vacancies to fill seeing
as the previous cheer team all died in a fiery horrible accident. Now it
seems someone is stalking the current cheer wannabes. Someone who may be
planning to kill them all. What can Delle do to avoid a bad end? This is an okay read for those with nostalgia for 90's YA fiction.
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