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True Blood 3x03 + United States of Tara 3x03 + Rubicon 1x11 Reviewed

It Hurts Me Too

Eric is disgusting. The King's boytoy Talbot annoys. Werewolves growl and run around on all fours. Sookie is dumb. Tara falls under Franklin's spell. Sam's family are jerks. Pam does a stripper. Jason is dumb. Arlene is pregnant with her dead serial killer boyfriend's baby but lets Terry thinks it is his.

Sookie makes Egg's funeral all about her. Flashbacks show how Bill went back to visit his wife and bad, bad things happened. The Sheriff quits in hilarious fashion. Franklin (James Frain) menaces Jessica. Bill and Lorena do gross stuff. This show has gone downhill and is nothing but obnoxious and ignorant people wearing inappropriate clothes doing gross stuff.

Best Lines:
"Good thing this down doesn't have many other bar options."

"I got a lot on my mind lately."
"That must feel new."

The Full F**k You Finger

Tara is selfish and annoying, Max's mom is a nut and Kate throws away her Japan job. Buck rampages. Charmain is billy-no-mates. Once again Tara causes chaos. This annoyed, Tara is just a tool.

Best Line:
"I'm gonna end up chopped up and stuffed in a mattress and that mattress will end up in an opium den where businessmen and Mongolian prostitutes are gonna have sex on top of me."

A Good Day's Work

Will spills stuff to Andy. The team try to find this show's version of Keyser Soze. Will finally discovers API's purpose which is a rip off of a plotline from 'Jericho'. Katherine freaks out and her scary botox is shown in full on horror. Tanya snots. Grant points out the obvious. Will's boss puts out a hit on him. Knowledge comes at great cost. Once again Kale saves the day while chainsaw noises play off screen. This was okay.
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