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'Sherlock' Quotes
"Breathing is boring."

"You're not haunted by the war Dr Watson, you miss it."

'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer
WTF? Not interested.

'The Amazing Spiderman' trailer
WHY are they rebooting this? Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, that's okay but an underwear model as Peter Parker? No. Why isn't the lab clean? Bad CGI and I miss Doc Ock.

Best Line:
"We all have secrets. The ones that we keep and the ones that are kept from us."

'Torchwood' 4x03 promo

'Class of '96' opening credits
This 90's show is full of Hey It's That Guy actors but the clothes and the title date it terribly.

'Teen Wolf' 1x04/1x05 promos
Why are this show's promos so AWFUL? Why can't the lead actually act?

'The Walking Dead' season 2 promo
Die Shane die. Rick says "Atlanta is done" and about time too. Walkers! The group splits and this looks good.

'Some Kind of Wonderful' trailer
This 80's teen flick stars Eric Stolz and Keith from 'One Tree Hill' and Keith is a tool with a bad perm! This looks okay.

Had some more thoughts on 'Fever Dream'. The Pendergast/D'Agosta friendship consists in large part of poor Vinnie complying with Pendergast's wishes. It is not about mutual regard, is about the power of one person over another. Pendergast subjects D'Agosta to this to prove he can and that D'Agosta will take it. Poor Vinnie, he has been broken to Pendergast's will. Others warn him about his obtuseness and credulous belief in Pendergast to no avail. Psychopaths can be good company apparently due to superficial charm. That sums up Pendergast, but he also has an over-inflated sense of self-worth and grandiosity and little to no empathy. What sums up Pendergast best is his ruthlessness and scary ability to manipulate others most of all his only friend. To sum it all up. I really, really liked the book but Pendergast is still a preening tool with a toxic aura.
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