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Nikita 1x17 + Supernatural 6x07 Reviewed

Ep 17


What a letdown. Nkita and her shiny face tries to justify herself to an angry Michael and his big shotgun. He's angry. We get unneeded flashbacks back to Nikita and Michael's past. Alex breaks up with Nathan. Percy plots.

'In the Hall of the Mountain King' plays during a scene, enough that piece is a cliche already. Tariq sneers. Nikita sneers. Michael finds out a terrible truth. Cue the sap overload. This was bad and everyone (save Michael) is dislikeable.

Best Lines:
"I do make an excellent honeytrap."

"There are changes coming Michael."

"He made me into this."

Ep 7

Family Matters

Castiel lurks. Sam has no soul, nothing new there then. Sam and Dean do not care about their half brother who is still in the cage. A collection of Campbells annoy. Why does anyone listen to Samuel? Why did the Campbells never bother to look Sam and Dean up years ago? Why are the Campbells so horrible?

The Alpha vamp is captured. Dean asks a smart question, everyone else is too busy worshipping Samuel to pay attention. The Campbells are stupid. This was a dull, resolution free ep.

Best Line:
"Putting Jaws in a fish bowl."

"Me Charlie, you angels."

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