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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 1 Reviewed

The New World

It’s series 4 and death is not an option. Oswald (Bill Pullman) a creepy killer doesn’t die and neither does anyone else. Oswald’s defence at his murder trial was the line: “She should have run faster” which is so creepy and disturbing. Oswald pulls the double jeopardy card to get out of jail – did he see the Ashley Judd film too?

Rex annoys. It annoys me that those jerks from ‘Children of Earth’ like Johnson seem to have got away with all they did. Gwen and Rhys have a baby girl, a huge gun collection and live in a remote cottage.

Jack still wears that attention getting coat and talks to Esther. Jack seems to have had some bad plastic surgery, not Hunter Tylo bad but still bad. There is a supremely creepy scene with the living corpse of a bomber.

PC Andy shows up to say society will collapse in four months and then be a tool. Rhys puts his foot down. Rex staggers out of hospital stealing painkillers and a wheelchair; it’s hilarious but is it meant to be?

Rex insults Wales. An attack helicopter flies around. Rex is a tool. This was good. I’ve no idea where this is all going but I’m enjoying it.

Who emailed the word Torchwood? Why are the opening credits and music so bad? What are the 456 regulations? Who is after Jack and Gwen?

Best Lines:
“DOA’s who just won’t die.”

“It’s like the British equivalent of New Jersey.”

“Wales is insane.”

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