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Teen Wolf Season 1 Ep 2

Second Chance at First Line

This is more entertaining then the dreary up itself ‘The Killing’. Derek lurks. Scott freaks out and is a twit. The mad lacrosse coach continues to be vastly entertaining. Lydia’s vapid.

Stiles’ dad (Linden Ashby of ‘Wild Things 3’) fails to enforce order. Scott and Stiles are stupid. Allison’s family of hunters fail to notice a werewolf on their roof. Scott is obsessed with Allison; it’s the show killing Clark and Lana from ‘Smallville’ all over again.

Jackson is a jerk. A sight gag from the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ movie is ripped off. No-one wonders if Scott is on steroids. This was okay. Why can’t Scott talk to Derek like a normal person? Why isn’t Scott the least bit curious about his condition?
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