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United States of Tara Season 3 Ep 2 Reviewed


How do the family find the endless money for Tara’s splurges? Tara takes an abnormal psych class with Dr Hatteras. A college kid calls Tara “a stupid hag” and so she makes a spectacle of herself in class.

Max loses another job. Kate decides to get a TEFL job but Tara says no as all money and attention must flow to her. Hatteras believes DID does not exist and points out it is rarely diagnosed outside the USA and states it is all about attention seeking. Tara objects.

Lionel and co make a bizarre film for class. Neil is fired and he and Max fall out. Hatteras ignores Tara’s attention seeking which is wonderful to observe. Finally someone who ignores Tara’s escapades to make everything all about her.

Best Line:
Shrunken apple tits...check that tampon tail!”
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