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Nikita Season 1 Ep 16 + Supernatural Season 6 Ep 6 Reviewed

Ep 16


Michael is suspicious and he and Birkhoff find out secrets. Alex hallucinates Jaden playing a mournful violin, having a family with Nathan and her own worst nightmare. The source of Nikita’s money and loft is revealed but she’s been a little too smug.

This was excellent with moments like Alex impersonating Michael, a hint that Daniel may still be alive, wild hallucinations and heavy hints that Alex is a simmering time bomb.

Best Lines:
“My throat’s a little scratchy.”
“That’s from the screaming.”

“Why have you been chasing me?”
“Why have you been running away?”

“You need to stop getting so personally invested in the recruits. It never ends well for you. Also it’s getting kind of creepy.”

“I don’t want to be you.”
“But you will be.”

“Ask me how I got here.”

Ep 6

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Where is ‘Carry on my Wayward Son’? People tell the truth leading to a rash of suicides. Bobby’s stupid. Sam and his over plucked eyebrows and nostril flaring annoy. A dentist attacks. Castiel deals with the unseen war in Heaven. Dean drinks. Lisa is a shrew. Alas poor Mittens. Veritas runs around. Sam gets the beatdown he’s had coming since season 1. This was very good.

Best Lines:
I hate mommy. I want to burn her in her sleep.”

“I ran over a homeless man once.”

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