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True Blood Season 3 Ep 2 + Rubicon Ep 10 + The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep 6 Reviewed

Beautifully Broken

I’m really sick of Bill. A vampire king prances. Lafayette enables Tara. Sookie is selfish, dumb and deluded. There is a pointless WW2 flashback. It is season 3 and the vampire fangs still look like the actors have had an accident with plastic cutlery.

Jessica breaks Hoyt’s heart. Sookie shows off her endless hot pants collection. Tara whines. Sam finds his birth parents but maybe he shouldn’t have. The vampire king and his boy toy who bears a resemblance to Kurt off ‘Glee’ plot over blood soup and blood gelato.

Tara gets her own vampire boyfriend in some guy (James Frain). Jason gets in a squad car and makes the hilarious observation that he’s never sat up front before. He and Andy drive to Hot Shot. Lorena shows up and Bill sets her on fire. This was just flat and boring.

Best Lines:
“Usually when I see things other people don’t it's cos I ain’t taken my medication.”

“You’re my best friend.”
“Now that’s just sad.”

“You honestly expect me to believe that she would allow you to move to a tiny town in the middle of a swamp and date a waitress?”

“I have a diploma from anger management where I learned talking about your feelings is the manly thing to do.”

In Whom We Trust

Kale finds a bug in his bedroom. Will and Katherine meet, she’s dumb. Tanya has 2 PhD’s and so objects to being put in the basement to do filing as punishment for doing drugs at work. Maggie’s ex is dealt with by Kale. Will makes an observation. This was boring.

Best Line:
They’re preparing for something that hasn’t happened yet.”

Plan B

The hair sweat that is Jeremy informs and annoys. Liz is still locked in the cellar and no-one has problem with it. Caroline is a snot. The annoying Bonnie helps Damon do bad things to Mason.

Damon is a jerk and overacts, why does he keep getting away with what he does? Stefan is dumb. Jeremy is gross. There is a long, pointless scene at a well. Caroline mind controls her mother. Katherine has plans. Jenna does stuff but nobody cares. This was awful and the characters are all loathsome.
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