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Dead Set Ep 5 Review

Ep 5

Riq joins up with Space, Marky, Patrick, Kelly, Pippa, Veronica and Joplin.
After some boring and endless Patrick ranting, all hell breaks loose. Riq's
shot and killed. Joplin opens the gates and a horde of ravenous zombies pour
in. Joplin's dead in seconds. The housemates run for it, but it's far too
late. The hordes are in and the jerky cam is going berserk. Patrick is
eaten. Veronica and Marky are over whelmed. Space is bitten. Pippa becomes a
zombie in record time.

When daylight breaks. Joplin's a zombie as are Space, Veronica and Marky.
And as for Kelly? In a truly nihilistic ending, her zombified, half eaten
body is seen staring at a BB camera. Meanwhile in a deserted shopping mall
somewhere, a zombie is watching her on the TV.

What a grim ending. I didn't like it. Patrick and Joplin were truly stupid.
The thing is; Patrick, Alex, Grayson, Angel and Riq are the lucky ones.
They're dead for keeps. Everyone else is just going to shuffle around until
they rot. Eeewww.

This was good Halloween tv. The best since BBC's 'Ghostwatch' back in 1992.
Maybe we'll get 'Dead Set 2' next year!
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