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Tape Tale of '99

Cleared out a tape from 1999. Firstly it had season one ‘Martial Law’ ep ‘Cop Out’ which was boring full of overly long fight scenes and unfunny comedy. Sammo infiltrates a gang of vigilantes and Dana wears overly short skirts. This was a prime example of a show that was screwed by the network meddling.

Best Lines:
Last night’s sting went off without a hitch except for throwing Lennox through the window.”
“The door was locked.”

Then came a season 4 ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ ep ‘The Play’s the Thing’ in which Gabrielle and her ugly haircut and ugly outfit was pompous and tried to turn her scroll into a play. It’s a blatant and unfunny rip off of ‘The Producers’.

Best Lines:
“Interactive theatre. Everybody join in.”

“A warlord Humongous is behaving in a destructive way. No doubt as a result of his impoverished upbringing and other societal factors beyond his control.”

Then came a season 6 ‘The X Files’ ep ‘Rain King’ in which heart shaped hail falls, Mulder nearly gets taken out by a flying cow and a whiny woman, a weather man and a rain maker are in a triangle of doom. Then came the season 2 ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Go Fish’ which guest starred Wentworth Miller of 'Prison Break'. The school swim team get up to stuff. Xander joins the team and the coach is creepy. This was boring as Wentworth Miller said in this ep: “Dude, what is that foulness?”
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