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Torchwood Radio Plays 2&3 (2011) Reviewed

Torchwood The Lost Files: Submission

This radio play was full of exposition dumping. So the whole 51st century time traveller is out there then? What else could Jack possibly have done that could match up with what he did in ‘Children of Earth’? anyway this is pre-‘Children of Earth’ and sees Jack, Ianto and Gwen pilot a submarine down to a trench to talk to an alien.

Along for the ride is a woman who talks like she’s on ‘Seaquest DSV’ and everyone else recites their lines like they’re doped up. An evil alien lurks. Ianto bores. Jack’s creepy. This wasn’t good at all.

Best Lines:
This isn’t the Red October.”

“You’re not lost, you’re hungry.”

Torchwood The Lost Files: House of the Dead

Jack and Ianto run around a house where a mad medium is having a seance. Ianto meets his dad, Lisa is mentioned. Nobody likes Jack. There is bad, bad acting and a twist which is rather good. But seriously the acting is dire. I've seen better acting on 'Hollyoaks'. This was BAD.
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