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Book Reviews: The Peerless Peer + Full Dark, No Stars

The Peerless Peer by Philip Jose Farmer

During WW1, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are sent on a mission. Unfortunately their plane crashes stranding the duo in Africa. Thankfully as they run from the vile Hun and a lost tribe, they come across an ally in the form of Greystoke the Lord of the Jungle. Together they must defeat the Hun and save a girl.

This is a very funny pulp satire with Holmes and Watson bouncing barbs off each other with gusto.

Best Lines:
“I could never understand, Watson, why you wasted your time on penny dreadfuls.”
“It’s better than taking cocaine.”

“It seems a shame to leave her here in this squalidness.”
“So she can go to London and perhaps live in squalor there?”

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

This was an excellent King book. Granted some of his stuff I don’t like: ‘Cujo’, ‘Dolores Claiborne’, ‘Desperation’, ‘Bag of Bones’, ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘Duma Key’, ‘Different Seasons’, ‘Four Past Midnight’ and ‘The Bachman Books’ but this book I loved.

This is a collection of bleak stories about people pushed to the limit.

A farmer and his wife fall out over the wife’s plan to sell some land. The farmer decides to get rid of his wife. Then he has to deal with the consequences to himself, his son and the land. This is good.

Big Driver
Tess is advised to take a shortcut; she does and drives straight into a brutal encounter. As she recovers she plans revenge, this is good.

Fair Extension
A sick man is offered a cure; he just has to pick someone to inflict his suffering on. This is mean but very good.

A Good Marriage
Darcy has been married to Bob for 27 years. They have a good marriage. Then she finds what he has been hiding in the garage. What will she do now she knows about her husband’s terrifying secret life? This is excellent.

Under The Weather
A bland updating of ‘A Rose for Emily’.
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