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Teen Wolf (2011 - 2017) Ep 1 Review

Wolf Moon
I’ve never seen the movies but I read ‘Twilight’ and saw the movie version and am firmly on Team Jacob. So I gave this a chance. The idiot hero and his idiot friend wander into a murder scene. The idiot hero Scott gets bit by a werewolf. Jackson the school jerk harasses Scott. But Scott is too busy drooling over Allison the Bella Swan expy to care.

The boys play lacrosse, there is bad CGI and the lacrosse coach is mad. The brooding Derek lurks, Jackson is stupid and nosey. The werewolf makeup is terrible; it is the attack of Eddie Munster. Werewolf hunters are lurking in the woods and gosh darn it; Allison’s dad is the boss of them. This okay but Scott needs to learn the rules of the genre he is in: careful who you trust, careful who you love.

Best Lines:
“Beautiful people herd together.”

“What about me?”
“Try not to take any in the face.”

“The bite is a gift.”
“I don’t want it.”
“You will.”
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