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True Blood Season 3 Ep 1+United States of Tara Season 3 Ep 1+Rubicon Ep 9 Reviewed

True Blood 3x01

Bad Blood

Sookie runs around shrieking for Bill. Meanwhile Bill is annoying like Felix in season 2 of ‘One Tree Hill’, sadly unlike Felix Bill can’t be packed off to military school due to general foolishness never to seen again. Sookie is self obsessed; she’s like Chris on ‘One Tree Hill’ an idiot.

Eggs is dead and Tara screams and unravels. Jessica’s killed someone and is stupid. Andy covers for Jason’s role in Egg’s death. Eric needs to put some clothes on. Bill is loathsome. The vampire queen annoys, the casting of the vampire queen was a massive mistake. Arlene’s pregnant, there is V dealing, Jason tries to get it on and werewolves show up. This was awful and pondering the legend of Yggdrasil is more interesting than anything that happened in this ep.

Best Lines:
“I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, alright. But honestly who here hasn’t?”

“How is that helpful Pam?”

United States of Tara 3x01


No wonder this axed. Neil proposes, Charmaine is thoughtless and Tara decides to go back to college. Lionel annoys and Kate’s debt collection job has vanished. One of Tara’s college lecturers is played by Eddie Izzard. Tara’s alters show up. This was uh; Tara is an unpleasant selfish person.

How is Tara paying for college is Max lost a job? What happened to her interior design job or her interest in art?

Ep 9

No Honesty in Men

Will decides to ask out his neighbour Andy who he has been spying on Andy is female BTW. Will (who looks scarily like Matthew Morrison) talks his way into Andy’s place and spills all his secrets to her. For some reason he isn’t concerned that she lets him and his stuff hang out at her place instead of calling the cops on the nutter.

Grant’s angry wife shows up at the API to rant. The boring Katherine plot goes on, where did her kids go? Tanya’s been sent to rehab. Spangler lurks. Andy snoops. Miles fancies someone and Will gets some. This was dull.
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