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Nikita Season 1 Ep 15 +Supernatural Season 6 Ep 5 Reviewed

Ep 15


While on an assignment, Alex meets a friend from the past. Alex tries to help her and her old friend promptly hands her over to an enemy. Nikita is smug but she shouldn’t be. Flashbacks to Alex’s past show her rich beyond the dreams of avarice family and it is strongly hinted that Nikita killed Alex’s family. Michael shows up. Alex is shot up with drugs and then left in Amanda’s tender graces. This was okay.

Ep 5

Live Free or Twihard

After some lame ‘Twilight’ spoofs, Dean is attacked by a vampire and turned into one while Sam watches being smirky. ‘Twilight’ obsessed teen girls are being preyed on by vampires. Annoying grandpa Samuel turns up to annoy and sneer at Dean.

Jared Padalecki’s acting is as ever appalling. I don’t care about Sam’s latest plotline. Nor do I care about Dean nearly chewing on orange Lisa and Ben. Dean encounters a creepy vampire and has a weird hallucination. Samuel has a cure for vampirism, what is this ‘Blade: Trinity’? This ep was dull and ended without resolution.

Best Lines:
“Are you wearing glitter?”

“We don’t scare them anymore.”
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