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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep 5 Review

Kill or Be Killed

Tyler still lies. Jeremy annoys. There are exposition dumps, I hate those. Caroline is still trashy and snotty to her mother Liz, why does Liz let her away with her backtalk and disrespect? Stefan and Damon antagonise Mason, why?

Mason tells Liz what Stefan and Damon are. Liz tries to take them out and as a result finds out what Caroline is. Liz rejects Caroline who can’t cope with it. Caroline’s massive entitlement issues make her unable to see how she caused the rift with her mother. Damon is a jerk. Tyler has a stupid drunk idiot as a houseguest.

Elena has no issues with Damon imprisoning Liz is a cellar to be brainwashed. WTF is wrong with her? Mason has secrets and is being manipulated. This was a worthless ep full of worthless people. I’m tired of shows full of pretty people devouring themselves over ‘love’.
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