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Rubicon Ep 8 + The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep 4 Reviewed

Caught in the Suck

Maggie continues to spy on Will until he finds out. Tanya and Miles have to help an interrogation. People have vague conversations. Kale sneers, Ed cracks and the ongoing puzzle, puzzles some more. Will fires Maggie and visits Atlas McDowell. Katherine receives a photo and Tanya fails a drug test. This was dull.

Ep 4

Memory Lane

Flashbacks to 1864 show Stefan’s bad wig and Katherine’s conniving. Meanwhile in the present Katherine and her corset stalk Stefan. Jenna throws a BBQ for Alaric and Mason and seemingly no-one else.

Stefan and Katherine chat. Caroline lies and is trash and a sell-out. Damon annoys and tries to kill Mason. Katherine and Elena meet in underwhelming fashion. Tyler hides the moonstone and annoys.
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