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Supernatural Season 6 Ep 4 Review

Weekend at Bobby’s

Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard of ‘Doctor Who’) shows up to growl. Bobby the whiny unwashed cornpone whines. Bobby steals and mutters and whines. Crowley is apparently the King of Hell all of a sudden. Bobby gains and loses a lady friend.

There is a ‘Drag Me To Hell’ mention. Rufus another hunter makes comedic asides. Bobby plans to outfox Crowley. Sam and Dean get to Scotland somehow and for some reason do not salt and burn Crowley’s bones. We all remember how the Ruby situation went. This was okay but how did Bobby get the female Crossroad Demon’s bones? Also why haven’t we seen Crowley with his demon eyes?

Best Lines:
Hate to see what you would call celebrating.”
“Yes you would.”

“You were gone so long I just assumed alcoholic coma.”

“I’m surly and I’ve got a beard.”

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