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‘Veronica Guerin’ Quotes:
What is this sh*te?”
“It’s Ireland’s finest newspaper.”

Hawaii Five-0’ Quotes:
Any respectable chemist can synthesise sarin, the trick is not killing yourself in the process.”

My oh my, aren’t you the opportunistic one.”

“There are plenty of easier ways to kill people.”

‘Law & Order’ Quote:
She was murdered eight years ago in the Bahamas by her trust fund husband during a drug fuelled argument on their yacht.”

The Boogeyman’ (1980) trailer
This looks ridiculous: “He’s going to get you and you and you.”

Death Tunnel’ trailer
This looks good.

Spirit Camp’ trailer
Bad acting but it looks campy.

Best Lines:
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
“Yeah, we’ll try not to knock up any strippers.”

Falling Skies’ 1x04 + 1x05 promos
Why am I getting ‘Space: Above and Beyond’ flashbacks? TPTB are really trying for the ‘Lost’ vibe aren’t they?
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