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Book Reviews: Raising Demons + Infernal Affairs + Magic Slays

Hex Hall: Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins
The 2nd 'Hex Hall' book sees Sophie Mercer's tenure at reform school come to an abrupt end. She's staying with her pompous father in England when arch traitor/smug snake Archer Cross makes a return.

Sophie is in love with the demon hunter despite the fact she's a demon herself and insists an carrying her star crossed love affair with Archer. Meanwhile the war between the Eyes and Prodigium takes several twists and Sophie learns her reform school has some very dark secrets.

This s very good despite Sophie being selfish and dumb. It ends on a cliffhanger and I'll be getting book 3.

Infernal Affairs by Jes Battis
The 4th 'OSI' novel is a distinct improvement after the ghastly 3rd. Tess Corday gets involved in a case that covers a fugitive demon, a medical examiner who has seen too much and a secret from her past.

This is a wonderfully fun paranormal crime story with more hints as to the bigger story arc. This and the 'Kate Daniels' series are the best urban fantasy going. I reject 'Anita Blake' and all her ilk.

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
The 5th 'Kate Daniels' novel sees our heroine start her own business and promptly get knee deep in blood, gunfire and mysterious goings on. Kate promptly springs into action and she battles a murderous secret society, uses blood magic and faces the prospect of losing someone close to her. If that's not enough she also learns unpleasant truths about her past.

This is an excellent read. But you have to ponder the fact that the murderous secret society have a point: monsters have won. The great unanswered question of the series is: what caused the magic waves? Was it Roland? Anyway thankfully these fantasy novels are not the types that have covers that look like rejected Evanescence album covers or have photoshopped angsty tilted faces.
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