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The Walking Dead Season 1 Eps 5&6 Reviewed

Rick overacts in the aftermath of the attack. Andrea continues to annoy. These people are stupid jerks. Amy turns into a walker, Andrea is annoying some more and makes Amy's fate all about her. Shane and Lori blame Rick for the attack. They should blame themselves, why didn't they have a lookout?

Lori is a horrible person. Jim's been bit. Shane is a lying murderous thug. Morgan is AWOL. Some survivors head off on their own doubtless to get away from the mugging Shane, Lori and Dale. The rest head off in a convoy to the CDC. Stirring music plays, give it up TPTB these people are morons. Jim is left by the side of the road like an empty chicken mcnuggets box. Then the story takes a really abrupt cut to the CDC. So abrupt in fact I though there was a fault with the ep. This was a ugh of an ep and the general hysteria of the characters annoys.

A flashback to the outbreak tries to redeem Shane, no way does it work. Why did the military shoot the hospital staff and fail to see the walkers creeping up behind them? Why is nobody talking about the outbreak, like how or when it started and why? How did the walkers not move the trolley outside Rick's room and eat him?

The gang meet Dr Jenner of the CDC. They hang out at the CDC drinking wine, taking showers and laughing. Dale is as ever boring. Andrea annoys. Rick overacts. Shane manages to be even more disgusting.

Dr Jenner is hiding something. Daryl reacts violently. Shane yells and shoots stuff. Jenner says something to Rick which will no doubt be important in season 2. Someone dies and no-one cares. TPTB miss yet another chance to play 'Don't Fear The Reaper' on the soundtrack. This is okay and I'll be there for season 2.

Best Lines:
"There's nothing left anywhere. Nothing."

"It gets them up and moving."
"But they're not alive."
"You tell me."

"While our people were bolting out the doors and committing suicide in the hallways, they stayed in the labs until the end."

"Those doors are designed to withstand a rocket launcher."
"Well your head ain't!"

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