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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep 3 + Caprica Eps 17&18 Reviewed

Ep 3

Bad Moon Rising

Damon annoys. Caroline is selfish and thankless. Alaric helps out Elena and Damon for no good reason. Bonnie pulls faces to show she's doing her magicks. Caroline is given a day walking ring, what a brilliant idea. Damon overacts. Mason lurks, I think TPTB wanted him to be cool and mysterious, he's not he just annoys.

Caroline chomps on Matt. Mason is a werewolf, shocker. There is zero parental supervision in this show. Tyler is dumb. Stefan is dumber. Caroline is dumped. Damon plays at moral outrage. Katherine shows up. uh.

Best Lines:
"What happens after dark?"
"Someone ends up wasted and dead at the bottom of the lake."

"Isabel became her research."

Ep 17

Here be Dragons

Where did Tamara go? Zoe brats out as does Willie Adama. Why were there no mention of holobands or VR or the STO in 'BSG'? The irritating woman nearly gets Joseph killed. The STO turn on Lacy. Clarice and her two stupid husbands storm the Greystone house. Serge the dumb butler gets got. The STO brats rebel. Zoe rants at her parents and demands a "skin job". The noxious Willie Adama gets got. This was an ugh. Zoe in all her incarnations was a lazy, stupid, whiny brat.

Ep 18


Where is Duram? What became of Silas and the GDD mole? Where is Tamara? Willie's dead and Irritating Woman tries to avoid blame. Joseph has lost his wife and two kids and wants vengeance. Amanda and Daniel try to stop the Atlas Arena attack.

Clarice's insane family go even insaner. Zoe hangs out at her VR house staring at pelican urine or something. There is a big showdown at the Atlas Arena. Zoe wears a silly dress and takes out STO heaven. Cylons become part of 12 Colony society.

Joseph has a son with Evelyn and it is Bill Adama, future Battlestar commander and father of the idiot Lee (I guess Lee took after his father's unlamented late half-brother). If Joseph has any sense, he'll keep this son away from Sam. Clarice sparks the first cylon war. Lacy becomes the Mother. WTF? Zoe becomes a skin job. But neither Clarice, Zoe, the Graystones or Willie Adama are remembered. This was RIDICULOUS.

Best Line:
"The Day of Reckoning is coming. The children of humanity shall rise and crush the ones who first gave them life."
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