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Book Review: Better in the Dark

Better in the Dark by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Count Saint-Germain is shipwrecked and washed ashore at a remote Saxon fortress in the year of our lord 937 AD. There he meets Ranegonda who he falls for. But the situation at the fortress is tense.

Ranegonda's brother is willful, his embittered wife Pentacoste stirs up trouble and fancies herself a witch. Marauding outlaws, Danes and starving peasants all add to the growing danger. This is a good tale of the doomed love in the Dark Ages.

It is difficult for Saint-Germain to be a vampire in hiding in the omen obsessed Dark Ages but it is even more difficult to be a woman as Ranegonda knows. Their troubled status draws them together but as is Saint-Germain's way he brings disaster to the woman he loves. This is far superior to the dull annoying misfire that was 'A Feast in Exile'.
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