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Dead Set Eps 2, 3, 4 Reviewed

Ep 2

Best Lines:
"Where'd you get the gun?"

The housemates finally accept what's going on and try to figure out what caused the zombie apocalypse. GM food, wi-fi and "loony gas" are blamed. Housemate Angel has been bitten and Grayson (a charge nurse) needs medical supplies to treat her. So Kelly (the slutty intern) and two housemates make a run for a nearby pharmacy. Meanwhile in the outside world, Riq fights for survival.

This was very good. The best scene was Kelly and the housemates standing on the roof observing the end of the world as they know it. This was far superior to Ep 1.

Ep 3

Riq and his companion hear a French radio broadcast. Kelly, Marky and the other one run into some cops and it ends badly. Proving that the housemates are horrible people. Meanwhile Angel turns into a zombie which is really bad for Grayson. Veronica and Joplin have to do some zombie slaying armed only with a duvet and a kitchen knife.  This was good. Hints of what happened are good: what is the information the housemates haven't heard?

Ep 4

Best Line: "I don't speak foreigner!"

Patrick and Pippa stage an escape to join the housemates in the BB house. However the BB compound is still surrounded by hordes of zombies. Meanwhile Riq finally makes it to the BB compound only to be mistaken for a zombie.

This was an okay ep, but questions remain: what caused the zombies? Why is there still power? Patrick and Pippa slaying zombie Davina was suitably nasty. Then there was Patrick's use of psychological warfare to get the housemates to rescue him. Alas Alex dies, she actually had sense so naturally she dies.
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