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Caprica Eps 15&16 Reviewed

The Dirteaters
Joseph is now the Robert Duvall of the mob. Flashbacks to the Adama's childhood shows that Sam is an idiot who always messes things up and Joseph always does the clean up. How were Bill and Lee Adama unaware that Joseph was mobbed up? Why didn't they have any tats?

Tamara and Zoe clean up V world. Joseph gives Daniel a warning. Daniel mutters to Sam. Evelyn has a touch of Lady Macbeth. Duram is fired. Zoe is sulky. Willie Adama is a brat. This was good.

Best Line:
"We're keeping them for the baby who's still a part of this family. And then we're going to think up a good story to tell him when he's old enough."

The Heavens Will Rise
Tamara is sort of irrelevant to the plot now. Daniel looks for Zoe in V world, she is still a cow who should have been packed off to boot camp and forgotten. Clarice plans an attack. Lacy has fun at brainwashing camp as she learns she can control the cylons.

Duram is shot. Willie Adma is a snot. Evelyn wants the Tamara avatar got rid of. It is revealed that Joseph cheated on his dead wife and he lies, badly. The Mother (Meg Tilly) wants Lacy dead. Clarice and her husbands realise Amanda is the spy. Sam, Amanda and Daniel head off to find the vile hateful brat Zoe. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"He needs to move on."
"Yeah, move on to you."

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