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Movie Reviews: Dementia 13 + Stake Land

Dementia 13 (1963)
In this black&white horror film, John Haloran dies and his wife Louise wants his money. So she goes to his family home in Ireland to get his mean mummy to change her will. Louise soon learns that mean mummy is obsessed with her daughter Kathleen who died 7 years ago and then Louise takes an unwise night swim in the lake.

This has some nice music and creepy images like the underwater reliquary but nobody in this film talks or acts like a human being. People spout paragraphs of exposition as a mad axe murderer runs wild. This was weird but dull and full of detestable human beings. This is all incoherent and ludicrous.

Stake Land (2011)
This tries way too hard. Mister is a 'cool' rugged, gruff vampire hunter in a world where a vampire apocalypse has happened. He has a sidekick in Martin and they're heading to New Eden. Along the way they pick up a gang of survivors. Mister is so tough you half expect him to light a match off his face. But he's an idiot.

Mister keeps encountering people and getting them killed. Rinse and repeat. Add in the oblibigatrory cult of loonies and you've got this film. It's okay just not very good. give me 'Daybreakers' any day.
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