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A random ep of Shadows + Rubicon Ep 6 Reviewed

Shadows (1975-1978)

Series 1

The Witch's Bottle

This UK kids show from the 70's isn't scary based on the evidencee of this ep and another dire series 1 ep entitled 'The Waiting Room'. Jill and her brother visit their uncle's country cottage. They wear flares, have feathered hair and a hideous blue polyester jacket.

Jill walks into the 'garden' which is an unconving set. This leads to yelling, bad acting, bad dialogue and bizarre behaviour as Jill obsesses over a tree. Said tree was involved in the witch trails. Jill's brother dismisses her concerns and opinion. There is more terrible acting.

There is a seance as the secret of the tree is revealed. A witch's bottle is dug up and smashed. Cue twist ending. This was AWFUL.

Best Line:
"I do hope she's still not brooding about that tree."

Ep 6

Look to the Ant

Kale, Will's boss, breaks into his grotty apartment to have a good snoop around. The widow Kathleen continues her boring snooping. Will's co-worker Miles deals with his vile ex-wife. Will compares adversaries to slime mould then discovers bugs in his home and has a paranoid breakdown.

A company called Atlas McDowell is apparently significant as are four leaf clovers. Another of Will's coworkers acts stupid. This was uh. As Will and co are analysts imagine 'Alias' without the stunts, wigs, costumes, foreign locations, accents, bright colours, Rambaldi, gadgets, exceitment, triple crosses or music.
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