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Nikita Season 1 Ep 12 + Supernatural Season 6 Ep 2 + Fringe Season 3 Ep 22 Reviewed

Ep 12


Alex gets a tracker, an apartment, a car, clothes and a new love interest. Nikita lurks and has flashbacks. Micheal lurks, is he ever off duty? Ryan the CIA prat annoys, everytime the tool is onscreen my teeth begin grinding of their own accord. Ryan you are no Micheal Vartan.

Ryan the moron has Birkhoff hauled in so Nikita can scare him. Birkhoff used to be an anarchist? Ha. Ryan will not shut up and I wait and wait some more for Micheal to just punch him in the face.

There is mystery about Alex's father, Ryan whines, Nikita is a brat and this was an awful, awful, awful ep.

Best Line:
"Custodial crew has more access than me now."

Ep 2

Two and A Half Men

Sam and his granddad annoy. Dean bores. Lisa is orange, seriously does she has a liver problem? Sam steals a baby shapeshifter and hijinks ensue. Sam needs to shut up as he goes on and on about the horrible Campbells being his family. Since when did he care about family?

The Campbells are jerks. Sam's lying again. Nothing changes. This was an awful, awful, awful ep that just ended.

Ep 22

The Day We Died

It's 2026 and Peter is married to Olivia, Ella is an agent and the opening credits are grey. WTF is brain porting, thought extraction, neural paritioning, chaos structure, duel maternity and biosuspension?

A cult called End Of Days are trying to end the world. Walter's in prison, you know where he belongs. Broyles is a senator. Walternate is getting revenge. Walter is reviled and was tried for what he did? Peter destroyed the other universe? How many people did he kill? It took til now for them to cop on that the universes are linked?

Walternate is angry. Olivia gets a weird funeral. Steak comes in cans, eeeww. Walter comes up with a mad plan. The origin of the machine and the whole 'first people' thing is bizarre. How can the machine exist in two universes?

Peter decides to do the obvious and bring both Fringe teams together, but there is a WTF price. The Walters finally, finally interact but it's a big letdown. The big twist ending is a total WTF moment. This was good but I fail to see how season 4 can resolve any of this.

Best Lines:
"It can't be worse than this."

"They don't remember Peter."
"How could they? He never existed, he served his purpose."

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