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Book Review: Irredeemable Volume 6

Irredeemable Volume 6 written by Mark Waid

At last the Plutonian’s rampage has been ended. The superhero turned supervillain has fallen. He’s imprisoned in an inescapable alien prison and Earth breathes a sign of relief. But not for long.

The Plutonian’s one time team-mate the Survivor has made it his mission to rebuild and be the new beloved superhero. And you better love him and thank him, or else. Survivor is obviously a threat. So supervillain Modeus has a plan.

Qubit also has a plan, some unknown new player has plan and somewhere the Plutonian is having a long drawn out psychotic break. This is good as the saga continues. The plotline grips but the female characters do get short changed.

Best Line:
“I may regurgitate.”
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