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Psychoville Series 2 Ep 6 +Bones Season 6 Ep 23 Reviewed

Ep 6

Finney the cop/hitman wants to do some murdering. David gets a girlfriend. Finney gets got. The dead are brought back. It turns out the locket wasn't the big deal after all, it was the chain. The librarian cracks up. Someone else gets got. Someone gets arrested and that is that. This was okay.

Ep 23

The Change in the Game

A body that looks like lasagna with teeth turns up in a bowling alley. The wretched Sweets is a truly awful character and thankfully isn't in this ep much. Booth and Brennan go undercover at a bowling game as Springer escapees Buck and Wanda.

There's an awful child, various stereotypes, an umpire called The Raven who is weird and a bowling lane that is too lucky. Angela gives birth, there's a hilarious internet video and a final revelation that is done while Adele wails on the soundtrack. This was goodish.

Best Lines:
"Take a chill pill you poisonous little dwarf!"

"Have him checked out for a case of the killer crazies."

"I have a family. Well sort of. The woman I see sometimes, her stepkid seems to like me."

"You'd have killed him too. He never washed his feet."

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