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Movie Reviews: XMen First Class + The Breed

XMen First Class (2011)
This is an okay prequel/reboot/whatever. It tells of how the Xmen came to be and how Magneto became a bad guy, also it reveals a mutant caused the Cuban Missile Crisis. It has comedy (like a hilarious cameo), Erik broods wonderfully and some nice SFX but it's a bit lacking.

The acting can be wooden: Emma Frost and Raven are especially guilty of this. Emma's best scene is when she gets Shaw some ice for his drink, it's funny. Plus Shaw has two male henchmen: Azazel (Jason Flemyng of 'Primeval') barely speaks, looks like he's covered in lipstick and doesn't get any cool fight scenes while the other guy doesn't speak or get a name. Plus what sort of supervillian name is Riptide anyway?

Why did no-one care when a character switched sides? Shouldn't Charles have been in pain and or bleeding to death from his injury while everyone stood around posing? Did Shaw have to keep saying: "Children of the atom" every other scene? Why does Magneto sound Irish? Why are Moira and Banshee American?

The Breed (2006)
Two lost morons on a boat with no concept of trespass laws end up on an island and became monster chow. Later on five idiots in a sea plane show up. They're 'students' but come across as sub-literate idiots who are high all the time.

One blonde idiot gets bitten by a wild dog. Another idiot pouts and doesn't want to leave, never mind that his friend could have rabies or an infection, he wants to hang out! Everyone decides to stay despite the wild dog, possible rabies and someone having a wild animal bite.

The idiots wander around in the wood and discover there isn't just one wild dog, there is a whole angry hungry pack of them. Cue running, screaming and a mis-aimed arrow. This was over-ripe and the fact that the Seeing Eye Dog Training Centre on a remote island turned out to be a cover for an attack dog breeding programme is no surprise, except to the idiots in this film.

There's a scene that rips off 'Deep Blue Sea', injuries are walked off and a dumb idiot ending. Did Michelle Rodriguez and Hill Harper have tax bills to pay off?

Best Lines:
"I'm actually surprised he left us the place. He was always so afraid you were going to burn it down."

"I'm in some serious need of some painkillers."

"Give Cujo my best."
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